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Child Support And Alimony: What You Need To Know

One of the most difficult parts of divorce is determining what will happen to your kids. Add onto that the financial stress of separating, and it can quickly become overwhelming. Devine Law, PLLC, has helped clients throughout Kentucky. We can explain your options and determine what move is in your best interest. When you work with us, you can expect professionalism and open communication through all stages of the process.

How Does Child Support Work?

Child support involves sharing of the expenses of raising children in consideration of timesharing agreements and the income of the parties after a divorce or separation. This can be an ongoing issue as child support is often subject to modification if a change in circumstances occurs for either party or the child. With the recent trend toward equal timesharing, many child support modification cases involve reductions in support. The current child support guidelines only address child support figures for families earning a combined monthly income of $15,000 or less, but we also handle cases where the income of the parties leads to support levels above the statutory guidelines. Contact us for a consultation if you feel that your existing child support agreement may be subject to modification.

Am I Entitled To Alimony?

In the event of a divorce, you may be entitled to continuing payments from your ex-spouse in order to maintain your standard of living. This is more typical when there is a large discrepancy in income between the parties. In determining maintenance, the courts consider the longevity of the marriage, the disparity in incomes between the parties, the ability of the lesser earning spouse to rehabilitate themselves through education, and other factors.

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