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How to write an effective parenting plan

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Custody

If you are going through a divorce in Kentucky, and you have children, there is a good chance the judge will award joint custody. Although this is usually a better arrangement for both kids and the parents, it can be challenging to get used to.

Writing a parenting plan helps to encourage a more successful and organized endeavor. When you can master co-parenting, everyone wins.

How to parent as a team

According to Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, you should work with your ex-spouse as a team when it comes to parenting, no matter how contentious your relationship is. Take a united front when it comes to rules and discipline, and support the other parent’s rules, even if they are not the same as yours.

Communication is important, and it is good to know that there will be times when you disagree with your ex-spouse. Discuss it away from your kids and come back with a decision.

If possible, try to both attend your child’s activities or meetings with the teacher. If one parent is unable to attend, the other should take pictures or share the information via text, email or a call.

What to include in a parenting plan

Psychology Today discusses that the parenting plan provides details of schedules, such as who has the children when and what time and where the exchange will occur. You can determine the schedule based on what works the best for your schedules and your children’s. You should also plan for holidays, vacations and birthdays as far in advance as possible. Other things to include in the plan:

  • Medical and religious decisions
  • Agreements about school and extracurricular activities
  • Chores, rules and consequences for breaking rules
  • Screen time agreements
  • Relationships and visitation time with extended family
  • Boundaries and privacy agreements

A parenting plan is not set in stone. You should review it and make changes before each school year or when there are significant changes.