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Month: December 2021

How to continue business ownership after a divorce

When individuals start a business with their spouses, there is a good chance they did not think divorce would be in their future. However, if a couple is now facing the dissolution of marriage, they need to decide what to do with the business. The cleanest way is to...

How to write an effective parenting plan

If you are going through a divorce in Kentucky, and you have children, there is a good chance the judge will award joint custody. Although this is usually a better arrangement for both kids and the parents, it can be challenging to get used to. Writing a parenting...

Could your spouse be hiding assets?

Under Kentucky equitable distribution laws, income and assets acquired during the course of a marriage are subject to division upon divorce. This impending division compels some people to secretively funnel money into their own pockets in an effort to keep it out of a...