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It is relatively easy to get a divorce in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Divorce

Divorce rates vary widely from state-to-state. Though, our divorce rate in the U.S. has dropped to below 40%. But, the website, Best Life, sought to figure out which states made getting a divorce harder through their Disaster Index, which ranks all 50 U.S. states.

Disaster Index

The Disaster Index is a 100-point scale that accounts for the minimum amount of time it takes to finalize a divorce, the costs associated with getting a divorce, including court and legal fees, and each state’s divorce rate. Best Life utilized divorce data from various sources, including Findlaw and Business Insider.

Where Kentucky ranks

Kentucky is a relatively easy state to get a divorce in, as we rank 37, with a Divorce Disaster Index score of 20.35. This is because it only takes about 60 to 90 days to get a divorce, legal fees are about $8,000 per person and the court filing fee is only $153.

Divorce rates and ease of divorce

Kentucky (rank 37) has a 13.1% divorce rate, which is comparable to New Mexico’s at 13.3% (rank 50, the easiest state to get a divorce). Conversely, the hardest state to get a divorce in, California, has a divorce rate of 9.3%.

What does this all mean?

When looking at the other states on the list, there does appear to be an increased divorce rate in those states where divorces are easier to get, like our state. Though, for those in Lexington, Kentucky, thinking about divorce, these numbers likely do not mean much because the divorce will happen here. However, it is something to speak with an attorney about before one gets married.