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Month: September 2021

How is property divided during a Kentucky divorce?

Dividing shared property during a divorce can be a difficult process. When two Kentucky residents choose to end their marriage, they will go through significant evaluative processes to identify and separate the property they own. This can involve classifying property...

When do courts order alimony in divorce?

Society has changed quickly over the past 50 years, and Kentucky law hasn't always kept pace. One thing that has changed in our commonwealth over the years is the way family law law courts deal with alimony. Also known as spousal maintenance, alimony is a payment or...

When can people modify their child custody orders?

When parents go through divorces in Kentucky one issue that they need to resolve as a part of their divorce is child custody and parenting time. These determinations dictate which parent will make the major legal decisions for the children or whether both parents will...