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Ideas for successful co-parenting

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2021 | Custody

Going through a divorce is not only difficult for the people that are separating, but it can also have a very negative impact on their children. It is common for divorced parents to harbor resentment for each other, which can lead to a child growing up in tense and uncomfortable living conditions. If you want to successfully co-parent your children in Kentucky, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Put the child first

Some people see divorce as a competition to prove who is the better parent, but this will only end up hurting the child. As a co-parent, your first priority should always be your children’s happiness and safety. If your first priority is to be seen as the superior parent, it will just make things more tense and uncomfortable between you and your co-parent, and it can get uncomfortable for your children as well.

Communicate with your co-parent

There needs to be a constant line of dialogue between you and your co-parent, so you two can always be on the same page when it comes to raising your children. It might be hard for some people to constantly talk to someone they had a failed relationship with, but it is necessary in order to be a successful co-parent.

Don’t bad mouth your co-parent

You should never bad-mouth or insult your co-parent in front of your children. If you need to vent about your former partner, do it away from your kids because disrespecting your child’s other parent can unintentionally teach your child that is okay to be disrespectful. It can also affect a child’s self-esteem because if you hate their other parent, the child might also take it to mean that you will hate any part of them that resembles the other parent.

Being a co-parent can be difficult at times, but it is important that your children grow up with two parents that love, support and care for them. Learning to work with your divorced spouse on child custody issues will make life easier for both of you, and for your kids as well.