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Busting common divorce myths

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2020 | Divorce

Newspaper and magazine articles highlighting celebrity divorces often only paint a bleak picture for those about to embark on the journey. By talking about how long a divorce dragged on, who can get custody or claiming that only women can be paid alimony, they can mislead Kentucky residents. Divorcing a partner is difficult enough and the myths surrounding a separation can make people reluctant to put an end to a marriage that is no longer working. Below, some of the common myths about divorce are addressed and busted.

Child custody

There is a common misconception that only mothers get custody of their children, and many fathers do not bother asking for custody because of this. However, courts take into account the best interests of the children involved when deciding who should get custody and more often than not, it is concluded that the presence of both parents in some way and form benefits a child’s emotional and intellectual development.


When deciding how much spousal support is owed from one party to another, courts look at their income, not their gender. Nowadays, many women have returned to the workforce while their spouses stay at home, either to raise the children or due to job instability. As a result, men are asking for and getting maintenance from their wives to help them get back on their feet after a marriage ends.

Property division

Just because a couple has separate bank accounts does not mean they have separate property. Courts consider anything earned during the marriage martial property and therefore subject to property division. Anything that a spouse brought into the marriage and kept separate from martial property may be considered separate.

Understanding what family laws apply in each individual circumstances can be tricky, which is why it is helpful to consult an experienced attorney for guidance on how to go about ending a marriage. He or she might be able to help a divorcing party achieve the goals they want to move on with their life.